Aqua Yoga For Peace Love and Happiness

This class is best practiced in a warm shallow pool (above 85 degrees). Familiarity with some basic yoga poses may be helpful for this particular sequence. Please consult with your doctor before starting any new practice.
Aqua Yoga is a fun and often more gentle form of yoga that many bodies can enjoy. In the water, joints are supported allowing free movement while also acting as resistance to help strengthen muscles. Yoga in the water challenges balance and illuminates the quality of breath. For more information about Aqua Yoga, classes and laminated therapeutic aqua yoga sequence sheets please go to



Noting Meditation

Noting Meditation

Sit on a chair or a cushion for this meditation. Lying down is not recommended if you tend to fall asleep. For this meditation stay awake, relaxed and alert. Mindfulness is a non-judgemental awareness of the present moment. The present moment can be observed in many ways. Being aware and attuned to each moment as it arises increases focus, memory and mood. Practitioners often report feeling more relaxed after practicing mindfulness. “Noting Meditation” meditation is a variation of an Mindful Self-Compassion meditation.


Mindful Driving

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Reduce stress during your morning or evening commute with this guided mindfulness practice. This video is for helping you stay alert, focused and relaxed while driving. Please keep your eyes on the road.