Aqua Yoga Sequence Sheets

Katherine has created a Gentle Aqua Yoga sequence sheet. Each 11 x 17 is laminated and ready stand on the edge of your local pool so you can practice Aqua Yoga any time!

Sequence sheets also come with a pre-practice sheet explaining what areas of the body to activate and become aware of in order to have a healthy aqua yoga practice and better posture throughout your day.

Water-resistant sequence sheets have color photos, directions and alignment cues and will be mailed to you.


Gentle Aqua Yoga Sequence Sheet

This sequence is designed for people who are new to yoga, those with less flexibility, and those who are in need of a gentle, simple practice because of injury or illness.

Poses are to be practiced in a water depth somewhere between navel and arm pits. This sequence is best practiced in water temperature between 85 and 94 degrees. For cooler pools, practitioners may need to add warming movements like jogging in between poses.

Who can benefit from this sequence:

  • beginners
  • people who want better posture
  • people with tight bodies
  • people in need of a gentle way to increase core strength
  • recovering from certain back injuries*
  • arthritis*
  • recovering from illness or injury*
  • people who just enjoy a mild practice
  • increasing body awareness

*Please consult with your doctor or physical therapist before starting any new physical activity. Aqua Yoga may be helpful in reducing inflammation and pain if practiced gently with mindfulness. Never force your body into a stretch that feels painful, unhealthy or inhibits your ability to breathe easily.

Cost: $20 plus shipping.

Order this water resistant sequence sheet now, through Katherine’s AustinAquaYoga Etsy shop.